Gemini and Cancer

The differences in character between these two signs are quite important, which makes compatibility between them not be one of the highest. However, with the patience of Cancer, it is likely that stable unions can go forward.

Cancer is one of the signs that are more influenced by the moon and this makes him have a very variable character and be sensitive to be strong. This is one of the aspects that Gemini should consider, because when he feels most vulnerable, Cancer will need the security that he always has. However, Gemini is a very open and thoughtful person, who will tend to keep things simple to find the best solutions to problems and settle the issues. Gemini is very busy and Cancer must find all possible ways to keep pace with his energy, but Gemini will also understand the need for family and intimacy Cancer needs.

They are signs that are very capricious and must be careful with money, so that their achievements will be more in the aspect of family and friends and not in the economic. However, they will have much success in all future professional endeavors to undertake, without having to deal with the management of these.

On the sexual plane, these signs are also very different, as each sees sex in a different way. They must find a point of stability that allows both of them to be comfortable.

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