Gemini Weekly Horoscope

From August 3 to August 9

Work: Good day for sales and purchases, very commercial and favorable day With your relation with money. In the relationship everything one stays in harmony as long as manage not to take to the problems of work to the house and varies his topic of conversation. You are not obsessive. It is time of transformations and mobilization, the moment for opening yourself to grow in the freedom and the natural joy of being same You and to feel that it works in the accomplishment of true dreams, for your fulfillment and its development through time. Today there will be extra motivation to fight by your Ideals. In compensation, its work very will be recognized, as it give to yourself some. Ideal period to strengthen unions, to consolidate couples and to begin a coexistence.

Love: The fall in love with ones will enjoy an excellent communication. Good day to plan of two changes, labor trips or changes. The accomplishment of your goals and the wonder of the original and own growth obey only of You and your capacity to give yourselves to your own dreams. The way never finishes, although it has realized praiseworthy profits always is necessary to advance. Scorpio you can be an inexhaustible source of pleasing but the lack of dialog can harm the partner relation markedly… An upset in the way will take place that it has to conceive his sentimental relations, no longer will intelectualize as much its emotions and will be able to live enthusiastic and crazy moments thus.

Health: In order to conserve yourself in health: it resorts to natural therapies. A physical and creative activity simultaneously can obtain major changes in You remember: when the body moves they move things inside… Certain aspects of the life are not ether to us as nothing assumes that they would be, is eternal and each thing has your time in this life. You can try to conserve what has but always the things need to have life, and the life is movement. The meditation is a way that helps to solve goals and to make specific dreams, manages to make reality its repeated thoughts, maintains trim to it in your true desires and is able, little by little, to teach to you to be same You in your own way of life.

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