Gemini Monthly Horoscope

December 2020

When unpredictability and chance move your thread great moments with family and affections ... and sensitive areas that can move to conflict and bad mouth flavors advertised. Love and hate can be exchanged on each other in just a moment. We must go warily when trends are riots and the air is filled with surprises and twists. The moon rises in your sky, but the sun enters Venus retrograde transit, and this leads to a fragile state trends. It is a scenario in which anything can happen and happen if you're not careful. Sometimes there is such a wealth of astrological trends vanish and leave us in what might seem an orphan, but in fact what they do is leave us to exercise our free will. What we do with what we have? This is a month to know the answer. Your actions thus expand: will grow the good and the bad, the good that comes out of you and entering the negative. Put the brakes on your reactions. Do not lose the gains acts without thinking. Remember that in everything there is an echo. For every step you take, the other two steps will you. You are who you choose the nature of the energy with which the will. You are who you choose the currency you back. It avoids the bustle of everyday life what you decide your actions. These are days when you are reminded that you've gone away from the culture within, and only favor the stars that are able to look in and smile with satisfaction. It retrieves the old rites with your essence. We must make the best of us when the moon gives us freedom.

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