Gemini Monthly Horoscope

November 2022

It demands that we put on the table the cards in this relationship, and that each of the parties point to what you need and what you are willing to give. It's useless to a crew that insists on letting go blindly, without providing projects or push. It may be painful, but sometimes we have no choice but to leave the burden behind. Do not accept a company that is not worth the trip. The Moon crosses the heights to light your way to the recognition of your true needs: it delivers what you deserve? Have you found the partner that will make this trip more bearable, safer, and longer? It is easy to recognize the achievements of people that we care about, especially if you have a craving for complementing, if we want our life based on cooperation and recognition of the other, as is the case, Gemini, but you cannot keep making up for what others do for you in this relationship that should be mutual. You have to make clear how far you can get to avoid impact on your professional and emotional areas. It is necessary to restore balance. Just so you have the ability to get to that point where everything is fulfilled, where we have the ability to be in enlightenment, and to give us a future. Think you need someone to be so, but it is not true: there is more in you than what you think it.

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