Gemini Monthly Horoscope

April 2020

Do not discard your ability to undertake: this period will be challenging both professionally and economically, but also of great achievements in these areas. And the stars want you to prove your ability in the art of making money, and for that purpose to go ahead of you the opportunity to do business, to overcome the obstacles that are put in front of you and get that will make you regain confidence and ability to be productive. This will be a month for business and work, to give the necessary steps in the quest for independence, and get what you hitherto seemed impossible to achieve: the business and professional success. Jupiter is high in your sky, and it leaves you in an excellent position to enterprises, get contracts, build alliances that will benefit you. All you have to do is let out your inner entrepreneur and daring that not taken out often, for fear of failure and ruin, but you know it's there, as long as the star of your dreams of economic prosperity. And to do this you must find the best of aid: it must accompany you on your adventure partners that are capable. How to recognize them? The Sun moves toward Venus, which the search should be directed to persons of the signs of Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. Do not jump without precautions. Be good estimate your experiences, and remember the siren at other times you have run aground. Above all, have faith in your instincts and your imagination. Do not discard any sleep over it no matter how extravagant it may look.

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