Gemini Monthly Horoscope

March 2023

It's time to follow that hunch and bet. It's time to grow your wealth with a risky move. And this is going to play a role in your intuition and physical and mental effort you are able to have. Of course, it is vital that you avoid the excesses that confidence tends to make you fall. You're not invincible, nor infallible, but this time luck is willing to smile at you. You who decide whether or not to take that step forward. So far this year, some concerns about the economy have been able to embitter the good grace, but that frustration is coming to an end: Jupiter high in your sky smiles at you and gives you, again, ambition. You have to dream very high, because this time it is very possible that you will achieve what you want. With each adverse card to each negative symptom make purification ceremonies and meditation. You have to keep your spirits up. The inner strength you have avoids risk of falling into depression. Then when you feel that everything is in place, Mercury moves away from Jupiter and this should motivate you to make your move be clear and well set on your shoulders. Avoid obsessive behaviors, evade all forms of addiction, physical and spiritual being or errors will not wait. What is this be about? Any chance you get is related to growing your wealth. If you risk, this means your re-entry to all the things you thought you lost, and a reunion with your passion for the art of following your instincts. Anyway, this period will bring you luck in your undertakings, although it is important not to leave to chance any labor issue. Nothing will be achieved effortlessly.

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