Gemini Monthly Horoscope

February 2024

We must protect the monetary aspects, especially if you have recently taken an important step in regards to investments, contracts or if you usually bet often. The money will not be easy to find this month, and the balance will be broken by poorly considered actions of the past. No time to mourn and we must take hold of the weakness, and build where it seems that only ashes remain. You have everything to get airborne again. The Moon remains high in your sky, and this will pave the way for a test that can be in your favor or not: that's something you'll decide to effort and will. Jupiter moves away from Venus, and mark them up on a hill that has to do with the material and with your income. Is likely to receive a claim from your creditors or face an unexpected expense. You need not try to avoid it, and you honor your debts in the only way to do: paying. Do not feel that is the end of the world, because the sooner you do what you must do, you can return to the things that really matter. So ask for help or advice, and move your resources in that account, and do assert that the word has committed. Remember that all the stars reward noble effort, and you decide to take any load on your shoulders now, will mean easier for you from here on out way. Nothing we do is the result of chance: all standing there to test our mettle should yield the fruits of our integrity and value.

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