Gemini Monthly Horoscope

September 2019

You'll be bound to choose between two alternatives: you act or continue to wait. You know what you should choose: you cannot continue any longer idly. We must give the effort it demands, or otherwise change will remain a mere chimera. Moon slides over your sky, and its mandate is clear: you have to choose, you have to act, but must do with subtlety and intelligence. There are conflicts within your world, and you should leave that passive attitude, and continue with the battle you've left out. By the 19th of this month, Venus moves to the North Node, a global activity that has to do with karma, with the return of our actions in the form of rewards or punishments. And you can be sure that immobility is one of the attitudes that are judged more harshly on this plane. We thing that we all share the same condition, that people are going to return the good to us with another good that if we turn the other cheek, they will cease to attack us, but that is not so. The world is not a true reflection: between what we do and the acts of the others there is a great number of factors that mutate energies, and sometimes we need to intervene to put things in place. We don’t just have to wait for the reward: something must be done to hasten. Like to stay in the channels of honor and decency, but that is not always enough.

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