Gemini Monthly Horoscope

August 2020

A month to establish alliances, sign contracts, say yes to relationships. It is a period to make the leap to the new level demanded of us: to accept promotions, new jobs, marriages, adoptions, and business. Every company you see will be of happiness for you and stick with it. This August Moon shines high in your sky, and it puts you in a prime position for all kinds of partnerships and joint ventures and productive unions. So say yes to every deal and contract that is put in front of you, it'll be the key that will carry on the journey to the point that you had not dreamed of reaching. The essences of these alliances are the feelings, mastery of the moon. What should be your judgment when you join a way to go? What those involved in it mean to you, love them and their passions aroused in you. You should take these partnerships as August opens with a transfer of Jupiter opposite Uranus, and this negatively affects what we do and want. If you do not do the collection of forces that you offer, you will find no allies in one of the hardest months that will be in 2013. We should know how to approach, then, we must put our best to complement pairs, friends, colleagues and partners. Before the certain time, there will be the unity blessed by the moon.

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