Gemini Monthly Horoscope

May 2022

Do not keep what you want to say: that's the advice of the stars for this month. We need to say, and do it at the right time. Words create the world that exists and only survives if it is said. You let the silence fill places in your life that should vibrate life, expressed promises, appointed desires. Therefore you should reassess your ability to communicate and express not only what you want to do, but what you feel. Do not stop from saying anything in this period: the words will precede the fulfillment of the facts. The Moon stands high in his sky, and this requires you to expand your communication skills. It is necessary to bring an end to the problems you now live, and avoid aggravation, fun creating, marques and the limits of what you want and what not. The word can be a bridge. His absence, a conviction. You trouble yourself out, but it should strive, it is time to express what you feel and that you need depends on progress in these areas where you have swiped bread and recognition. This May Jupiter moves opposite the Sun, and this brand in you a desire to undertake new challenges. And without doubt, the star of demands growth to mature, and there is nothing that makes us grow and face our greatest fears. What is your greatest fear? Causing conflicts. You conciliator, which makes you reconcile opposites, which makes rivalries in complementary halves. It's time for that gift to be exercised by you, and can only take stock of your skills if you express that voice that has left you left silent.

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