Gemini Monthly Horoscope

June 2021

Mars, Venus and Jupiter will receive half of the path of this 2013, and its mixture will produce interesting trends, especially in love and societies. You'll conquer. And it is not that will achieve a seduction or a sale, but that what you get these days will be full relevance to the long-term future. The Love you reap, professional accomplishments you achieve: all this will mark the path you have to follow for the rest of your life. So find love and grow. Mars wants the most warlike part of you put in front of the decisions, which can be hard to take action. Want to know how to get out of this problem? Be clear, you have to be direct, decide once. The Moon comes to quiet the waters in your sky from day 16th. Your most disciplined part should take charge, and to the conflicts that will arise at work and in social life, you have to negotiate. Do not go take that slam you crave with a splash. Steps need to be safe, because of a decision you're going to take the third week (related to the heart, but also to the pocket) will depend on many of the fruits that you receive in the coming years. So there’s nothing to rush. From the 25th, you have Sun opposite to Saturn: you must make a stop; you have to put what you have into a plan of balance, and what you could have of the other one.

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