Gemini and Leo

Gemini and Leo make a good couple. These signs will be very close for a long time and that is that Leo is one of the few people able to change the Gemini. Leo is a very active person, and is also very neat. He likes to have the support of his partner and likes to be understood, which will no doubt find that in a Gemini.

However, Leo is a person who makes good use of his hidden weapons and be able to eliminate all signs of stubbornness in Gemini, who will be fascinated by the reflective spirit of Leo and will listen much more to him than he does to other signs. In the friendship, it is likely that these signs have the best relationship and make them last long, especially until Leo finds a partner, because Leo is a person to leave everything for the love of their life. If both want to be together as a couple, they must understand each other's needs; something that they will not find to be very complicated.

The gains that can be expected of this union are many, as they respect and the understanding that will be among them, make it simple to talk about things, being two, they will avoid bigger problems in their decisions. They are perfect for the economy, especially Leo and to lead other people, especially Gemini.

On the sexual plane, these signs are going to want sex a lot and it will become a way to express feelings without words. Although relations will not be very common, when they do have any, they will be pleasurable for both.

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