Gemini and Scorpio

The compatibility between these two signs of air and water is quite low, so that a stable relationship between them is not one of the best options, unless both are willing to have one and to make certain changes in way of seeing things. Still wanting the relationship to work, efforts and sacrifices must be present and it will be important for advancement. Scorpio is a person that is about living at home with the family and their like their privacy.

Not that he does not like being with friends, but when he has a partner, these are secondary. On the other hand, Gemini is a lover of novelty. He does not like doing the same things over and over and is afraid of routine.

Therefore, the stable life that Scorpio is looking for will be somewhat complicated with Gemini as a partner. Moreover, the issue of jealousy will also be important to them, because Scorpio is a very jealous person and will spend all day behind Gemini. If they want a stable relationship between them work, they should begin to generate trust between them and eliminate all concerns that are not necessary. Moreover, these also should do something with their character, as both are stubborn.

On the sexual plane, chemistry and energy in Gemini is what will make this one of the best aspects of the relationship, but after these first contacts, relations can become very monotonous.

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