Gemini Monthly Horoscope

July 2024

The moon and sun divide your attention and give you gifts that move you seamlessly into conflict resolution. It will be a great time if you work with computers or if you're in a sentimental, work or family dispute. Mars opens higher on your Sky this July, and it has its good reasons: it's time for you to lead with issues that remained, and those you have missed you (know) decisiveness: you have to be more eloquent and advocate for your convenience and necessity. Mars will help you get that to stop once decided, and in your favor. Do not accept the negotiation that does not end when you receive what you deserve and what you've been waiting for long. By the second week of the month will be evident and necessary influence of the moon, for matters of the heart will go to the first. The Sun also pulls you into the third week of the month, and this means that there will be a struggle for couples or a conquest. If you want a relationship, it's time to find it, but know that whatever comes in this period will not be easy: the love that is offered will be a struggle of opposites, rather than complemented, they will measure their forces in the arena of love, and only when they become exhausted, will join in the hug they want.

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