Gemini Characteristics

Gemini Characteristics Element: Air.
Ruling planet: Mercury.
Metal: Mercury.
Day of the week: Wednesday.
Perfumes: honeysuckle and juniper.
Color: Yellow.
Lucky numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 48 and 57.

Gemini is the sign of the twins, it is said that this sign is for two people or two different personalities inhabiting one body, so his character is doubled, it is quite complex and contradictory, of course. On the one hand Gemini are versatile, but otherwise may be sincere, they can be very elegant and can also make some childish mistakes.

Gemini behave like children in accordance with his happiness, his selfishness, his imagination and his great restlessness, these people usually start new activities and challenges with great enthusiasm, however in many cases, they lack consistency to finish them, they are people that take life as a game and as a result, they look for fun and new situations.

A person of the Gemini sign is usually courteous and loving, kind and generous, sometimes they use their attributes to achieve their own purposes and are able to lie in order to not lose their charm just to get what they want; Gemini often gets discouraged easily, as children do when they fail at doing what they want, these people like to receive attention, gifts and compliments, they are people who must make great efforts to continue their projects after they are discouraged if things get very difficult.

Geminis at Work. Gemini at work can be unreliable; however they can reach success in their working lives.

People of this sign are able to use the language very well, both in its written and spoken form and many of them can become great politicians, diplomats, orators, preachers, teachers, journalists, lawyers and writers, among others, thanks to his ability of expression, and of speaking and persuading, which is why the work of salespeople or business suits them wonderfully.

Gemini can also achieve enormous success as soldiers because they are attracted by the heroic acts, they may also prove to be good musicians, painters and sculptors.

Gemini in Love. People of Gemini show their double way of expressing tenderness in love, they have a side that surrenders emotionally and another side that completely rejecting romanticism. Gemini often has many partners through short relationships because they can get bored of the stability of a couple, once they achieve conquering.

Gemini is attracted to an intelligent conversation without a doubt; the mind is the direct way to get to his heart. While these people are completely willing to experience everything that is related to a partnership, but not necessarily to the loyalty as these have a split personality.

Areas for improvement: they can be superficial and inconsistent; these people have the tendency to remain nervous and tense, but can also become calculating and demanding.

Do not make them angry: Gemini dislike loneliness and they also do not like feeling limited or tied to a situation or a place, they usually do not enjoy school but they do not like to be mentally inactive.

Gemini Characteristics

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